I just wanted to message to say that I’ve been listening to your album for the last few days and wanted to say how brilliantly crafted the songs are especially “This is war” its a beautiful and moving piece and captures the reality of conflict.. 

The chicken song is great and I thought fitted very well with a campaign that has been launched against Lidl for their inhuman chicken processes..frankenchickens!! All the tracks are brilliant Lance, let me know when you’re playing them live and I’ll be sure to come along.. 

Best regards

"The lyrics are engaging, you have a way of stringing the words together almost like a poem  to build your song  - not that I am a  poetry fan at all! It bores the arse off me and I cannot compute it! I assume you come up with the words first and then match a tune to it?

If I can understand and properly hear the lyrics of a song I usually follow whats being sung and whatever message is being put across. That’s easy to do with your music and it catches my ear.........."

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