I am Lance Maleski, now retired from the world of work and based on the coast in East Sussex.  I have been a lifelong music fan steeped in the music of the Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon to name but a few of my favourites. I guess my music and lyrics reflects this.

Having retired, I have built a studio and I spend many an hour in there.  

 I had written many songs whilst I was working and just before I married (and whilst I was still cash rich) I persuaded a particularly musical friend to assist (more like take over!!! - I am forever grateful, Martin) in recording some of these songs. The idea snowballed and a number of his musical friends all got involved. The songs "My Broken Heart" and "Superman", included in Music section came from these sessions. My Broken Heart was deemed good enough to be played on the local radio as the 'in session' single of the week. I got a free day's recording as a prize!!!

I am currently a member of a musical duo called Tom. We write and perform all our own material. Separately, I perform at open mic sessions mainly in the Elephant and Castle in Lewes 


I have been fortunate enough to have come into contact with some very generous people along the way. Martin Perry was uncredibly helpful and kind all those years ago.....then there's Lou Stonehill, a very patient fellow.  Lastly, Colin Chapman has been a mentor and friend over the last couple of years, Without his support and guidance there is no way I'd ever have played live...